I Suffered Acne When I was a Teenager

When I was a teenager my face was covered by acne.I was a shame going out because my face was so swelling and red. I have no friends to talk to. I’m also afraid to connect to other people because I belittle myself because of my acne.

I always ask myself, why is this happening to me. Am I the only one suffering from this condition. What should I do so that I can be free and connect to others.Even in the hallways in our school I would cover myself with anything and I always walk head down. My act me affected my schooling. I would skip school because of it. I tend to push people away because for me I am not worthy to be friends with these people. I also eat a lot of oily foods this causes acne around your mouth area.

My acne got me bullied. They would tell me hideous things about my face. This affected me big time. I lost all t he confidence I have. I never been so down in my life because of my acne. Each day that passed is a burden. I am getting tired of being treated and feeling this way. I want to my life to change and be a normal kid. Luckily I found a site that help me fight my acne depression ACNE-BYE-BYE.

A Magical Moment

One day, a family member sat with me and requested me to talk to her. I was surprise by her story, she also suffered from acne. She also experienced the things that I am experiencing right now. Like me she also suffered depression to the point of losing hope. She told me to be strong cause, only me will help myself. I should learn to find the strength to get up. She also told me things that can minimize my acne. She told me that acne runs in our family. She also added that I should drink more fluid and vegetables and fruits, I should also stay away from oily food.

After that talk, I was enlightened and felt free.