Installing a GPU

Installing a graphics card is easy as 123. I mean you can literally do it in 10 minutes and you can boot up the computer with your new graphics cards on.

Before the AGP slot was the standard in the graphics card interface. But as technology updates and advances, it was replaced by the PCI Express. All known GPU now are installed in the PCI slot.

Before installing the graphics card, there are things to check first. You need to identify first what memory type is your graphics card and you should also know the memory type your motherboard accepts.

Once you made sure that your graphics card and your motherboard are compatible, follow the following steps.

First, you need to uninstall the drivers of the previous graphics card. This is important because the new card may not compatible with this driver and may interfere with the new one. This will save you from headaches you may encounter.

You can do this by going to the Control Panel > Programs > Uninstall a program. This will pop up a new window just follow the prompt.

Second, you need to remove the old graphics card. Make sure that the unit is turned off and unplugged. Remove the screws from the side panel to access the components inside. Unscrew the old graphics card and gently pull it out from the PCI slot. You can also clean the slot from dusts and cobwebs if necessary.

Third, install the new card. Align the new card with the PCI slot. Make sure that it is aligned on the proper slot. Push gently and apply even forces on both, according to graphicscardsadvisor this important to avoid misconnection on the connectors. Don’t forget to secure the back plate with a screw and secure the side panel of the case with screw.

Lastly, install the new drivers. Plug in all cables and boot up your Windows. The operating system will automatically detect your new hardware and will walk you through the installation. Most of the time you will insert the driver CD that came along with the graphics card. You can click “autoran” or “setup.exe” file in the driver CD.

It will walk you through the installation process just follow the prompt. The software will automatically check for newer version of the driver if it is connected to the internet. It will need a reboot after installation. For more articles about graphics cards and other comparison article like gtx 1060 vs 1080 you can visit GCA.