Phone Counseling: Is it Effective?

Internet and telecommunication technologies are very popular today. It is so popular that is being used in phone counseling. But not all are sold on the idea of this type of counseling. People are skeptical about the thought of counseling over phone and its effectiveness.

Phone counseling has shown growth in recent years and patients benefit greatly from psychological counseling over the phone reports reveal. Face to face counseling are till quite effective but doing a phone counseling has some unique benefits that improve patient’s responses.

According to recent studies, about 70% of patients that received psychological counseling over the phone reported that they were satisfied with the sessions. And 54% of the patients said that they have felt better after the phone counseling session. Although some people have reported that the phone counseling is not effective but still there are more people say that phone counseling for them.

Counseling by phone is very convenient than the physical visit to the office. It costs less and it is a good thing for patients. A patient that receives counseling over phone feels more secure and in control of the situation. This improves the result of the counseling that the patient receives. If you are indeed of counselor in Tulsa, you can visit the link.

In addition, there are no distractions when it comes to counseling over the phone. The patient is not distracted by the appearance and the surroundings, enabling the patients to focus on the session. Patients who receives counseling in a familiar place like their own home improves the effect of counseling.

There is no denying that the popularity of phone counseling and the benefits it gives to patient or people seeking for counseling. It eliminates the hassle of the trip to and from the counseling office. It is indeed a very innovative and a cheaper alternative to face-to-face counseling. Like counseling, mommies also need to have a makeover after giving birth to a child, for more info go to Mommy Makeover Tulsa.